Commercial Terms and Conditions

By submitting this order you agree to the following terms applicable to the purchase, delivery and use of the ordered products.


  1. Agreement on ordered content: You agree to receive the products ordered (which can be further referred as studies or market research reports or databases or other similar kind of information), under the conditions specified in the product presentation pages available on the site and / or in the specific presentation brochures which can be downloaded and subject to specified price.


  1. Delivery of ordered content: You understand that the information / products ordered will be delivered by email to the address indicated in the registration form on the site as follows:
    1. After you confirm your payment you will have immediate access (or will be sent by email in maximum 1 working day) a customized link which will allow you to download the product
    2. The link is valid for 10 days
    3. Product download is allowed up to 3 times
    4. If you need to download the product later or for more than 3 times, please contact us.


  1. You agree with the following terms of delivery, use and limitations of the ordered products:
    1. Although a great effort has been made to verify the truthfulness of the information provided, Neomar Consulting SRL can not guarantee the thruthfulness of all the information presented in this report and can not be held responsible for any adverse consequences or losses caused by the decision making by the beneficiary based on this study.
    2. Neomar Consulting SRL owns all copyrights and other similar rights, as well as proprietary rights in the materials used to make the report - data of any kind, questionnaire and other written documents.
    3. You agree to receive and use the information received exclusively for the company's internal needs.
    4. The content of the reports or databases may not be communicated, transmitted, published or handed to third parties in whole or in part unless Neomar Consulting has written consent.
    5. You are not allowed to include the information from the ordered products in promotional materials, public presentations or other public company documents. Also, you are not allowed  to use the information in this study to denigrate competition or to prejudice in any way the interests of companies analyzed or presented in the ordered reports or information by transmitting to any other natural or legal persons any information existing in this report .
    6. Any technical error (computing, printing, etc.) and / or information analysis / processing of Neomar Consulting will be corrected t its expense within a maximum of 5 business days after it has been notified to it.
    7. Due to the specificity of the ordered products (digital content / information), all acquisitions are final. Returns of products or refunds of paid amounts are not accepted.

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