Citation Policy and Limitations in Usage of Information

Citation Policy by NEOMAR CONSULTING

1. It is NEOMAR CONSULTING priority to deliver the highest standard of service. This task is achieved in accordance with the highest professional standards and thanks to constant improvement of methods, tools, and services.

2. Updates of this Citation Policy – this Citation Policy may change from time to time without notice. The binding version of this Citation Policy will be posted on the NEOMAR CONSULTING website. NEOMAR CONSULTING claims the right to use its research results as well as the right to refuse to publish these data by third parties.

3. NEOMAR CONSULTING permits the copying and printing of free information which is published on NEOMAR CONSULTING websites, except information which is available only after the registration, request, contact or order form has been filled in and contact data provided. The following use of NEOMAR CONSULTING information is permitted:

  • free and widely available communications and materials which can be copied and printed are:
    • press releases,
    • open news,
    • articles which are available without the need to provide any contact data or filling in any contact, registration or order form;
  • communications and materials which cannot be copied and printed without written NEOMAR CONSULTING acceptance are: articles, analyses, charts and news which are available only after the registration, request, contact or order form has been filled in and contact data provided, as well as available after receiving in e-mailing or e-newsletter sent by NEOMAR CONSULTING.

4. Authorised use – quoting NEOMAR CONSULTING data, analyses, articles, information is possible but can be done under the following rules:

  • all parts of the text, images, graphics or tables shall be provided with an annotation ‘Source: NEOMAR CONSULTING’;
  • in the case of a NEOMAR CONSULTING analyst: their name, surname, job title and NEOMAR CONSULTING name as the employer should be indicated;
  • the quoted text shall not be modified or presented out of context.

Whenever any information or article provided by NEOMAR CONSULTING via the Internet is quoted, the logo together with link to NEOMAR CONSULTING website shall be presented, as below:

<a href="" target="_blank" style="border: none">

<img src="" alt="NEOMAR CONSULTING" style="width: 250; height: 66px; border: none">

5. Commercial use – any commercial use of any of NEOMAR CONSULTING communications and materials, without NEOMAR CONSULTING prior consent, is strictly forbidden. Any type of use of data or analyses different to those described in the Citation Policy, or making any references to NEOMAR CONSULTING in commercials, press releases, presentations or other type of informative, marketing or business materials necessitates NEOMAR CONSULTING consent each time such references are sought to be made. NEOMAR CONSULTING will answer each such enquiry within 2 working days.

6. Limitations of liability – NEOMAR CONSULTING is not responsible for any errors and omissions or the results obtained from the use of information presented in NEOMAR CONSULTING products, services, news, analyses, on NEOMAR CONSULTING websites and in other materials. NEOMAR CONSULTING guarantees that the information is based on the analysis and research carried out by NEOMAR CONSULTING alone and based on the independent and reliable sources of data.

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