Market entry studies

Clarify your all the issues before taking an important decision.

Through its studies Neomar Consulting provides a complete overview on your target market. You can have a detailed planning of your new investment and elaborate a realistic business plan, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

A quick check-list for a successful market entry:

This is the key information you need before a marking a decision to enter a new market. This is the standard information that Neomar Consulting delivers in a typical market entry study:

  1. Target market size and its medium term forecast

  2. Competition – how powerful it is and which are its plans? Market shares. 

  3. Clients’ needs and buying behavior

  4. Market prices and their future evolution.

  5. Key factors and driving forces influencing the market.

We will provide a range of indicators and even recommendations that will help you identify the best decision immediately.


Previous market entry studies realized by Neomar Consulting:

Other studies accompannied technical documentation submitted to financing authorities (banks, private equity funds, public authorities) by our clients. Please contact us for further references

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