Updated statistics on ceramic floor tiles market in Romaina

Date: 23 Mar 2015

Project Description

cover report G+F 2015A new report conducted by Neomar Consulting answers to the essential questions about the Romanian market of ceramic tiles.

Content of the study:

Analysis conducted by Neomar Consulting offers all key metrics in relation to the ceramic tiles market in Romania:

  1. Estimated market size of ceramic tiles  – 2008-2014 – volume (sqm) and value (mil eur0)
  2. Market segmentation by origin local production / import
  3. Estimated market shares of the main competitors
  4. Analysis of ceramic tiles imports: 2008-2014 volume (sqm) and value (mil eur)
  5. The average price per square meter of imported ceramic tiles  – by category (eur / sqm)
  6. Price dynamics of imported products by countries of origin
  7. Exports of ceramic tiles in Romania – 2008-2014 – volume (sqm) and value (mil of eur)
  8. Presentation of main competitors  (producers / importers)
    1. Lasselsberger Ceramics Romania
    2. KAI Ceramics (imports Bulgaria)
    3. Ceramica Lazar
  9. Market segmentation depending on the type of material and by quality of products
  10. The main distribution channels used for marketing the ceramic tiles
  11. The main distributors / importers of ceramic tiles

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