Biofuels market in Romania - Detailed analysis

Date: 24 Mar 2015

Romanian market of biofuels was once again analyzed by Neomar Consulting and conclusions synthesized into a report.

According to European legislation, member states must ensure that renewable energy represents 10% of energy consumption in the transport sector, up to 2020. In the text of European directives, mentions that first-generation biofuels, respectively those from agricultural crops, should not exceed 6% of final consumption of energy from transportation sector, up to 2020, unlike the target of 10% from existing legislation.

At present, according to Eurostat, biodiesel requirements of Romanian market are approximately 200,000 tons per year, while the demand for bioethanol exceeds 50,000 tons per year.

The report made by Neomar Consulting shows detailed information about:

  • Biodiesel and bioethanol market size in Romania
  • Local producers - market share and production outputs
  • Imports - quantities imported, countries of origin and prices
  • Factors that influence the demand
  • Medium-term trends on the market

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