Prepainted steel sheets market – Eastern Europe

Date: 11 Aug 2015

In addition to the analysis of prepainted steel market in Romania, Neomar Consulting has recently realized a similar market research also for the following countries:

  • Hungary,
  • Serbia,
  • Croatia,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Moldova.

Who should read this study?

  • Manufacturers of pre-painted steel sheets interested in CEE region
  • Large distributors and importers of pre-painted steel sheets
  • Large consumers pre-painted steel (producers of sandwich panels, corrugated steel sheets, etc.)

What information contains the study?

The research realized by Neomar Consulting offers an overview of market size and trends, including a detailed analysis by type, destination, import prices and an analysis of the most important clients of pre-painted steel.

The content of the report includes:

  1. Analysis of imports of pre-painted galvanized steel sheets – 2010-2014 (quantity and value)
  2. Analysis of imports of pre-painted galvanized steel sheets – Q1 2014 – Q1 2015 (information is updated quartely)
  3. Quantitative evolution and value of imports of prepainted sheet – comparative analysis by country of origin – 2010-2014
  4. Analysis of the main consumers of prepainted sheet.

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