A new Mystery Shopping project in Bulgaria

Date: 20 Jun 2019

Neomar Consulting conducted a new Mystery Shopping project in Bulgaria which helped us determine the behavior of the most important dealers of pressure, sewerage, and plastic pipe systems: polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC.

Practically, we wanted to observe the dealers' behavior towards a typical customer in terms of offering and recommending the most fitted solutions.

Distributors were contacted and interviewed by our interviewers, specially trained for the Mystery-Shopping project. Contact and discussions with dealers took place face to face, unannounced, in their showroom during the normal working hours.

Here are some key aspects that you can find only by implementing a similar project:

  • Compare the prices and services offered on the market. See how your brand is positioned alongside others in relation to the product prices and distributor services.
  • Global market coverage. The study may include a representative sample of dealers. The number of received and analyzed offers is far beyond what your company can collect and analyze internal with reasonable resources.
  • Brand positioning. See why your distributors are recommending your brand (or do not recommend) and what brands are recommended along with it.
  • Analyze dealer performance. See how competitive your dealers are compared to others in terms of business performance.
  • Distributors locality. How many of your dealers recommend your products? All of them or only a few? And if they recommend you along with other brands, recommend your brand as an expensive, cheap or a comparable solution?
  • How detailed are the proposals for your products?  The warranty, technical properties, are specified? Distributors are communicating all the advantages of your products to the client? Is your brand presented visually in a proper manner?
  • The distributors are punctual? Do they send the proposals in a reasonable time frame?
  • Do they offer accessories or complementary products? If so, which brand? They are persuasive or see the opportunity to sell a complete system?
  • Do distributors communicate confidential information to customers (prices, discounts,...)? Are some of the clients communicating internal information such as price calculators, dealer price lists, discount grids, etc.?

For more information about the implementation of a Mystery Shopping project, specially adapted to your needs, please contact us!

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