Sandwich panels market in Serbia has increased with 14% in 2018

Date: 19 Apr 2019

We completed the third edition of our analysis about sandwich panels market in Serbia with a fresh look; which consists of presenting the data in an interactive report: 

The study conducted by Neomar Consulting offers a complete perspective on the evolution of Serbian sandwich panels market.

The report highlights:

  • Market size (volume-sqm and value-euro)
  • Local production
  • Import and export (volumes / values – detailed by county)
  • Market shares of the main competitors
  • Market segmentation by constructive characteristics (PUR, PIR, EPS, MW, thicknesses, destinations)
  • Competition analysis, etc.

For more information, you can access and download the brochure of the report

A strong 15+ years experience in the market research field, and with more than 57 studies conducted only in the sandwich panels market sector (on different markets, mostly in CEE countries), gives Neomar Consulting the right to strongly suggest that you can't find a better report!

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