Analysis of Bulgarian masonry materials market – 2017

Date: 15 Jun 2017

Project Description

Neomar Consulting finalized, in June 2017, a very detailed report on the Bulgarian masonry market.

Who should read this study?

  • Manufacturers and importers of AAC and ceramic bricks
  • Other investors in the field of masonry and construction materials

Main information outputs:

  • Bulgarian market size 2014-2016
  • Sales by type of product
  • Competition outlook –rankings and market shares
  • Sales by region
  • Other interesting aspects of masonry materials in Bulgaria

Key benefits of this analysis:

  • Provides a full picture of the wall-building materials market in Bulgaria;
  • Clear picture of the market size, trends and key players;
  • Provides necessarry information to set realistic goals for your company and adjust investment decisions according to the market context;
  • Easy to read – easy to understand. Each piece of information is presented attactively as charts and tables for quick-reading. Specialized opinions, comments and reccomendations accompany the numerical information to allow you to have a better view of the Bulgarian market.
  • Outstanding value – This study gathers all the information currently available regarding the Bulgarian market, so there is no to order another research for this industry.

 All information in one document, quickly accessible.

The study is easy to read. Information is presented in synthetic form as charts and tables, allowing a quick reading.

The report is available only in English language.

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