Analysis of Romanian construction market - 2016

Date: 21 Oct 2016

Analysis of the construction sector in Romania and medium term forecast 2016-2017

Analysis of the Romanian Construction Market” is probably the most comprehensive report available on the market, studying the evolution of the construction industry in Romania. An industry exceeding 12 billion euros. Analiza sectorului constructiilor - Aprilie 2016


Some advantages of the study:

  • It contains all the relevant statistical data (in NIS, NBR, Ministry of Finance etc) about construction
  • Information is presented in tables and graphics- you can extract the necessary data for your own analysis and internal presentations without effort
  • The possibility to scale the investment budgets and business goals based on expected market evolution and / or its segments (residential, industrial, infrastructure)
  • Highlights the evolution  of the existing competitive environment on construction market. Estimated market shares for Top 100 construction companies in Romania
  • Indicators are updated including for the first months of 2016 (based on availability)
  • Information is quarterly updated and available to subscribed clients.

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