Sustainable development of sandwich panels market in CEE region

Date: 30 Jun 2017

Neomar Consulting has completed in June 2017 a new release of its reports focused on sandwich panels market and corrugated steel sheets in Eastern Europe. The research confirms the macroeconomic stabilization of sandwich panels market and even moderate increases for some countries. 

Countries covered:

The following countries are covered by our analysis:

  • Romania (complete study)
  • Hungary (complete study)
  • Bulgaria (complete study)
  • Moldova (complete study)
  • Serbia (summary)
  • Croatia (summary)

Key data contained in the report:

  • Market size (volume and value)
  •  Import and export (volumes / values – detailed by county)
  •  Market shares
  • Market segmentation (by type)
  •  Integrated competitor analysis
  •  Macroeconomics and trends
  •  Short term forecast

Key benefits of this report: 

  • Unique integrated regional analysis. This is the only comprehensive analysis that you can find at the moment regarding the sandwich panels market in Eastern Europe Region. You won’t find a better report.
  • Extensive. Over 100 companies analysed throughout our report (an average of 15-20 companies / country)
  • Experienced team of consultants. More than 7 years experience in researching sandwich panels market every year. Each market was investigated by using native speakers of local language - thus we eliminated the communication barriers.
  • Horizontal competition analyzed. Sandwich panels but also trapezoidal steel sheets are presented in our report
  • Trustworthy. Every year, we support our clients with relevant experience. In Romania our list  of clients for sandwich panels reports include: Isopan Romania, Topanel, Terasteel (Plastsistem), Metecno, Kingspan, Joris Ide and many other local players.
  • Regional and local perspective. Get a complete overview of the region’s statistics and zoom-in to get a closer look on a particular country or region.
  • Impressive value for money. Each our report contain information resulting from many hours of work, analysis and interviews. You get a relevant set of statistics regarding construction market  and relevant figures regarding imports and exports in/from each country. Frankly speaking, you  won’t find a better deal, whether you try to get a similar report through your own staff or if you  resort to another research agency

How to order the reports?

To buy the reports, please access the "products" section of our website for a detailed description of each report. 

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