New customers satisfaction studies : AMRAZ Romania and Kaeser Kompressoren

Date: 15 Jul 2016


The concern to keep its customers satisfied determined AMRAZ ROMANIA to ask us to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for their clients from Romania, U.S.A., Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. The method for data collection was telephone interviews and we reached a response rate of over 85% of all valid respondents.





Meanwhile, Kaeser Kompressoren, the leader on Romanian market for compressed air systems has already a traditional collaboration with Neomar Consulting regarding customer satisfaction surveys. The company conducted  in 2016 a new survey, realized 100% online, on a representative sample of 700 company’s clients and using a methodology specially adapted by Neomar Consulting. The response rate to the survey reached 40% which allowed our client to benefit from an excellent return on invested budget.



More details about how to implement a customer satisfaction survey ? Click on the products section.

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